Chief Marketing Officer Club


“ASEAN Marketers will be the ones who will boost the regional economy, create synergistic efficiencies, unite ASEANists with ASEAN brands, and bring much enterprising energy to the region”

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries have long been in constant co-operation politically and economically ever since the Bangkok or ASEAN Declaration of 1967. ASEAN has proved to be successful in maintaining peace and stability throughout South East Asia. This condition has enabled ASEAN member-countries to strengthen economic cooperation and regional integration.

As ASEAN was progressing fast to become an integrated economic, political and socio-cultural region, the opportunities that the ASEAN market brings seems to be too gleaming to be missed. The Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing (PKCAM) was founded in October 2005 at the ASEAN Secretariat Jakarta. The Tri-Founders; Philip Kotler, Hooi Den Huan and Hermawan Kartajaya; with the consent of the Secretary General of ASEAN at the time, Ong Keng Yong, has pledged the Center to achieve two main objectives:  to promote regional marketing in the ASEAN region and create ASEAN Marketers to support the ASEAN Community 2015 and the enhancement of the ASEAN Brand.

PKCAM strives to:

  • Create local champions by promoting ethical marketing in local countries.
  • Instill regional perspective by increasing the regional network of marketing contacts and provide a forum for regional marketing professionals.
  • Uphold global standards by uplifting the standard of marketing professionals in the region and helping to develop a body of knowledge and art and science of marketing theory and practice.


For these reasons, the Jakarta Chief Marketing Officer Club (CMO) was conceived as a key initiative of the PKCAM to serve as a platform to empower marketing to a higher level, beyond the functional role amongst prominent business leaders and executives in the ASEAN region. The main goals of CMO are to promote the strategic role of marketing in Indonesia and to become the ultimate community for Marketing Executives in Indonesia.

Jakarta CMO club is a “Chief-Level” and “By-Invitation-Only” community. Membership is being granted only to prominent marketing leaders and/or top management of leading organizations and companies who believe that Strategic Marketing is required to enhance business competitiveness alongside with Strategic Operations, Strategic Finance and Strategic Human Resources.

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