Q&A with SHAREIt: Why Indonesia Matters to The Company

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With over a million users nationwide, Indonesia remains as the second biggest market for SHAREit after India. Almost Indonesia’s connected customers spend time on internet to transfer files, listening to music and watching videos. It implies that the Southeast Asia’s largest economy has a wide space room to grow for social content-integrated distribution platform like SHAREit.

Marketeers recently sat down with Jason Wang, Chief Business Officer of SHAREit, a one stop content delivery platform, to learn more about its partnership with Google Play and its readiness to expand the business into new markets.

What do you think about business opportunities in Indonesia as your second largest market after India?

Internet industry has been growing in Indonesia, with rising population, wealth, and more users who are first time smartphone users combined with cheaper internet cost, users’ requirements for various digital service has been increasing. Indonesia is one of SHAREit most important market.

SHAREit offer Indonesians simplicity in transferring files and apps as well as solution for their digital entertainment needs to fulfill the growing requirements of our Indonesian users.

SHAREit has more than a billion users around the world, how India and Indonesia have become SHAREit’s biggest market?

India and Indonesia are both most populated emerging countries in the world after China. Sometime after we launched SHAREit, we saw the trend that we are gaining most of our first-time users both from India and Indonesia.

There are several similar users’ usage patterns and characteristic between these two countries where most of our first-time users came from tier 2 and tier 3 cities where internet connection is not stable and internet data was expensive in India and Indonesia.

With SHAREit, these users are able to simply and quickly send files and apps with their friends without any need for internet connection. SHAREit aims to solve users’ essential problem and provide solution for growing users’ requirements especially in India and Indonesia market.

Why SHAREit starting to expand its business to digital content?

Users requirements are developing overtime with the changing situation of the market, therefore SHAREit keep developing its product to meet users’ requirements. We see the trend that our users like to send entertainment content such as videos, movies, music etc. among their friends.

Therefore, SHAREit is now collaborating with its partners to offer digital content recommendation to users. Users not only able to share the content they have on their phones to their friends, but they can also discover and consume the content directly from SHAREit platform, then share it offline with their peers.

Jason Wang, Chief Business Officer of SHAREit

Through this expansion, SHAREit is now a one-stop content experience platform, where it offers our users with complete solution for their entertainment from finding contents, consuming contents, sharing contents offline.

How does this digital content work and how does it affect the business globally?

SHAREit is a consumer technology company, we focus on our users, therefore we are open for collaboration with partners who can offer digital content such as videos, movies, music, and any kind of content which is relevant with our users’ requirements.

SHAREit offer local content to its users in India and Indonesia. In Indonesia, users can find Indonesian language videos on SHAREit platform. Our expansion to provide digital content has brought us continuing success after our widely known file sharing feature.

Currently, Google Play has also collaborated with other applications similar to SHAREit. How SHAREit remain to be the first choice of sharing data apps?

SHAREit is the first player to offer peer to peer offline file sharing feature. Prior to SHAREit, users usually transfer files among their friends through Bluetooth which is slow and not stable. By using SHAREit’s cutting-edge technology, users can share files up to 20Mbps with no need for any mobile data/internet connection.

As a pioneer, SHAREit has been trusted by 1.5 billion users globally and 100 million users in Indonesia. SHAREit has also been favored in many countries as we have localized our app in a whole new level such as having locals in our operation team and providing local language content to meet our local users’ requirements.

Cooperation between Google and SHAREit has brought benefits for all app users, developers, and the android community.

How the security metadata from Google Play can convince the developers to market their products through SHAREit?

There is no denying that besides downloading apps directly through Google Play, lots of users with internet limitation, they share apps through peer-to-peer file transferring apps, one of the common among them is SHAREit.

There was one problem with transferring apps through p2p file transferring apps which developers can’t verify if their apps which is being transferred are indeed their original app.

To solve this problem, Google has created “security metadata” to determine app authenticity and collaborated first with SHAREit, one of the leaders of p2p file sharing app.

Now, app developers will have no worry of their apps being transferred through SHAREit, as it will ensure the authenticity of the app which makes it even better if app developer wants to reach and engage more audience by marketing their original/authentic app though SHAREit.

What is your target market? and whether it is the same in all major countries including India and Indonesia?

As a global business, SHAREit is focusing in emerging countries such as India, Indonesia, Middle East, Africa, solving users’ requirements for offline sharing solution as well as digital entertainment content requirements.

SHAREit targets users who are on the go and want to keep themselves with latest trends on movies, videos, music etc. which is why we expanded into a digital content platform. SHAREit is also targeting users who wants to acquire contents, files, or apps but has limited internet connection.

What do you think about digital potential in Indonesia?

Internet users in Indonesia are increasing, especially with cheaper mobile data and telcos who are expanding not only in West part of Indonesia, but also in East part. Number of internet unicorns are also rising which proves the development of digital population in the region.

Indonesia is South East Asian’s biggest internet market and SHAREit is excited to be part of Indonesia’s digital development.